Official website of Canadian artist Laurent Bourque
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laurent bourque presents his new single, MATADOR, a sultry pop track laced with synthesizer-laden poetic expressions.

Swirling about in his stoic, flashy garb, the Matador leads his heedless opponent around in circles. Chasing in furious zig-zag patterns, the opponent doesn’t know where they are being led to or why they’re chasing at all. 

Hypnotized by the Matador, they are fixated and unable to comprehend the inevitable end that awaits them. Love is, and sometimes makes you, blind.

We’ve all been in a relationship that felt tumultuous and difficult. But those tend to be the most exciting ones don’t they? 

Deceptive feelings and inviting glances masquerading as interest and excitement are tantalizingly deceitful as you feel the sharp sting of the Matador’s embrace. 

There is no better thrill than to hopefully rage at taming the Matador.