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Blue hour by Laurent Bourque  invites you into an exploration of loss and new beginnings through pensive, chic piano-driven pop. Singer-songwriter Laurent Bourque presents 11 titles drenched in poetic expression anchored by shining piano melodies, sweeping synthesizers and blissful orchestral arrangements.

After touring his 2014 debut album, Pieces of Your Past, which won him Canada’s Stingray Rising Star Award, Laurent decided to put the brakes on and rethink his approach to songwriting. During a lengthy creative ennui, Laurent was introduced to the idea of co-writing. 

Collaboration would be the creative key to the material in Blue hour. “When you write with other people, you can bounce things off each other and the best idea always wins,” he says. “Which always makes for better art.”

In 2018 after surpassing a personal goal to write 100 new songs, Laurent teamed up with producer Dan Ledwell (Jenn Grant, Fortunate Ones) and longtime collaborator and drummer Jamie Kronick to record the album. Together, they took their time and created an album full of self-analytical characterizations rooted in swaying grooves and melancholic yet sanguine memories. 

Blue hour is twilight’s shining moment of natural, unwrinkled radiance. A mellow and vibrant hue that casts itself atop of landscapes, skylines and people going about their lives. As portrayed in Laurent’s words and melodies, Blue hour is an uninhibited reminder to stop and take in what’s beautiful as it happens.

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Highlights so far:

  • Lead single Matador spends 12 consecutive weeks on the CBC Music Top 20 chart

  • Matador: regular rotation on CBC Music across the country and added to Stingray’s Adult Pop channel

  • Second single Thinking of You: added to the New Music Friday and Indie All-Stars Spotify Playlists

  • Thinking of You: added to CBC Music regular rotation, to Sirius XM’s North Americana Channel and Stingray’s Canadian Indie channel.

  • Latest single Blue Hour: added to Fresh Finds Spotify playlist

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“smooth with concealed edges, Matador is a striking reminder that love is painted by many colours, and seeing them all is better than not seeing them at all”

- Earmilk

Thinking of You reaffirms Bourque as a talent to be watched. It shows off his gently mellow vocal style, and the sound has a soft rock/folk feel suggestive of Bahamas.

- FYIMusicNEWs

watch the video for the first single: Matador

watch the video for the second single: Thinking of you

watch the live video for the third single: Blue hour

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